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    Friend Or Faux: Professor Denny’s Lemon Meringue

      It’s always a great pleasure for me to introduce a new liquid from a local creator, and I have that pleasure once again this morning with this review of

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    Kanger Subtank Mini

      Introduction I’ve been vaping for a good little while now, and I’ve used many the AD. My first were prefilled cartomizers on the Blu rechargeable cigarette lookalike; those were,

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    Cotto’s Revenge: “Vendetta

    Introduction I’ve been blessed to cover some of the finest eliquids and eliquid makers of the Phoenix Metro area in these pages before. Every new lineup fills me with joy

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    My Blood Runs Cold, Part One

        Former lawman turned gun-for-hire Rock Dylan is a man haunted by a terrible past and troubled by a bleak future. But when the most unusual customer he’s encountered

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    The Pioneer4U IPV Mini II

      INTRODUCTION     The variable-wattage mod market exploded back in 2013 with offerings from companies like Innokin and Sigelei. While there is something of an arms race now to

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    Chocolates, by Louis Simpson

      Chocolates Once some people were visiting Chekhov.While they made remarks about his geniusthe Master fidgeted. Finallyhe said, “Do you like chocolates?”They were astonished, and silent.He repeated the question,whereupon one lady

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    Finishing School: Your Manuscript’s Next Step (After Scrivener)

      So you’ve finished your manuscript. It might be a blog post, a short story, a novella, or a novel. (We’ll leave aside screenplays for this outing.) If you used

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    New Method Vapor Full Lineup Review

          Introduction I absolutely love reviewing the offerings of local eliquid makers. Love it. Competition breeds excellence, and there is a lot of competition here in the Phoenix

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    Donations Accepted

    I’ve been told that it’s in bad form to accept donations. Of course… I was told that by some seriously sociopathic people who had a vested interest in seeing my

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    Four From AlternateCig

    Four From AlternateCig Introduction This review has been longer than I had intended in coming. Part of that is that I originally wrote it over a month ago, thought I’d

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